Scallop Management and Conservation Strategy – West Coast Waters, Project Plan (Client: Marine Scotland) K. Orr subcontracted by MRAG London (July - Nov 2018): This project , which was awarded to MRAG as part of Scottish Government Inshore Fisheries Outreach and Technical Support Framework Agreement, aims to develop a scallop management and conservation guide for the West coast region in collaboration with industry and relevant stakeholders, with K.Orr subcontracted by MRAG to lead on stakeholder engagement. A key outcome of the plan will be to develop a 'roadmap' towards implementing and monitoring scallop fishing in the region. 

Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Common Whelk (Buccinum undatum) MSC Pre-Assessment (Client: Marine Scotland). K. Orr subcontracted by MRAG London. (March - Oct 2018): This project , which was awarded to MRAG as part of Scottish Government Inshore Fisheries Outreach and Technical Support Framework Agreement, aims to undertake a Marine Stewardship Council pre-assessment of the common whelk (Buccinum undatum) fishery in Orkney, Scotland. K Orr is subcontracted to assist with a site visit to interview key stakeholders in the fishery, and  collecting supporting information for Principles 1, 2 and 3 where required. 

Review of Fish Producer Organisations in the UK (Client: DEFRA): K. Orr Subcontracted by Inmara Ltd to MRAG, London(March - Sept 2018): Defra has commissioned MRAG to conduct research into the current roles and operational structures of Fish Producer Organisations (POs) in the UK. Kyla is one of the associate fisheries consultants sub-contracted by MRAG  to assist with interviewing POs in Scotland to help identify their strengths, areas where improvements could be made, and potential new responsibilities. The review will help inform the four Fisheries Administrations’ consideration of future policy reforms and provide an opportunity for POs, their members and non-members to share ideas on how POs’ role could evolve in the future.

Engaging Fishermen in Marine Environmental Monitoring and Surveying (Client: Marine Scotland) K. Orr subcontracted by Seascope Fisheries Research Ltd (March 2018 - May 2020):This EMFF project, which runs until June 2020, aims to engage the fishing industry in the  surveying and monitoring of seabed habitats and  Priority Marine Features (PMFs) located within the Scottish Marine Protected Areas (MPA) network and adjacent waters. K.Orr has been subcontracted to assist with outreach and communication, and general engagement with the fishing industry.

Improving public & stakeholder understanding of the Clyde Marine Region’s scientific body of evidence, relating to benthic habitats, fisheries and ecosystem services - Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (Client: Clyde Marine Planning Partnership): Subcontracted by Inmara Ltd to assist with production of a 'Laymans guide' which looks  at our current understanding of the Clyde ecosystem, focusing on selected chapters of the Clyde Assessment (subtidal rock and sediment, and fisheries). In addition, a series of stakeholder events (meetings/workshops etc) will be arranged to discuss selected content of the Assessment, and 2 short animations will be produced as educational tools for the meetings. Main responsibilities include co-authoring the laymans guide, producing the animations, liaising with stakeholders and arranging workshops / events (June 2017 - Present).

Inch Cape Wind Farm Development (Client: Natural Power): Stakeholder engagement services subcontracted by Inmara Ltd to arrange a series of fisheries meeting on the East Coast of Scotland in relation the Inch Cape Offshore Windfarm development. Key responsibilities include identification of stakeholders, preliminary engagement with the fishing industry, arranging logistics for 4 fisheries stakeholder meetings , circulating invitations to stakeholders, and reviewing reporting outputs (May - August 2017)

Business of Fishing Pilot Training and Leadership Course (Client: Fishing Into the Future). Outreach Officer for this inaugural Fisheries Resource Education Programme held in Scotland (12-14 June 2017). The aims of the course were to provide fishermen with training in fisheries science and management, and support leadership development within the Scottish fishing industry. The role of the 'Outreach Officers' is to follow up with the participants via interviews after the course, and obtain their feedback relating to relevance of the course, the positives and negatives, and if/how it has changed the way they now interact with science and management (April 2017 to Present)

Marine Scotland Creel Survey (Client: Marine Scotland): Researcher contracted to interview inshore static-gear fishermen in the North East of Scotland about their levels of effort and target catch, as well as accurately map their fishing locations (GIS). Main roles include arranging and undertaking interviews, GIS mapping, and data capture (Oct - Dec 2016) .

'Scottish Inshore Fisheries Integrated data Systems project, "SIFIDS" (Client: University of St Andrews, EMFF Funding). Lead Project Facilitator of the SIFIDS Project, which aims to improve methods of data collection within Scotland’s commercial inshore fisheries, by investigating use of innovative technology and automated systems to reduce the reporting burden on fishermen. The Facilitators role is to act as a direct liaison between contractors undertaking specific Work Packages and the fishing industry, recruit vessels / industry participants for studies, produce 'outreach material' to promote project aims within the fishing industry and inform of progress, and relay comments / perceptions of fishing industry back to contractors (Dec 2016 to Present).

Inshore Fisheries Project Facilitator / Liaison Officer:

Kyla was contracted by the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland (MASTS) to engage with the fishing industry on several projects that are funded by Marine Scotland. Projects include 'Utility of AIS vessel tracking in fisheries management - understanding industry perceptions' and 'Facilitation of NAFC Marine Centre pilot project; mapping landings and effort at 5nm scale'.

EFF Inshore Fisheries Projects, Scotland: Kyla was contracted as the Facilitator for  a suite of European Fisheries Funded projects collectively titled ‘Evidence Gathering In Support of Sustainable Scottish Inshore Fisheries’. The projects were commissioned to take place between June 2014 and July 2015, and consisted of 7 'Work Packages'. These work packages cover subjects such as assessing important fishing locations (using AIS vessel tracking), developing methods for stock assessments, market related studies and data requirements for inshore fisheries management.

Scottish Creel Fishermen's Federation, data collection & project facilitation: Kyla worked with the SCFF in North West Scotland on a project to assess the effects creel mesh size on catch composition. Kyla managed the project in the NW region and engaged with fishermen to ensure that data was correctly collected and reported. This was a collaborative project between the SCFF, Glasgow University and was commissioned by Marine Scotland. 

IUCN Open Ocean Carbon Report: algae as sinks for CO2: Kyla has been a lead author on an IUCN report aimed to highlight the role of the global ocean in sequestering CO2. She has written two chapters on the role of floating macroalgae (Sargassum sp.) and diatoms. The report is intended for non-scientists and policy makers, and will be used to facilitate decisions regarding mitigation of climate change. Independent researcher, Commissioned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Understanding the potential effects of wave energy devices on kelp biotopes (September 2013 to January 2014): Research/literature review to improve the understanding of the ecological impacts of kelp removal for the placement and operation of renewable wave energy devices. Independent consultant working in collaboration with the SAMS-SRSL, Oban. Commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Save Scotland's Seas Marine Mural Project: (September 2013 - January 2014): Design of mural for instillation in Plockton High School to illustrate the diversity of local marine life and educate people on the importance of marine protected areas. Project leader, Commissioned by Scottish Environment LINK. For more images see gallery.

Mapping the Intertidal Seaweed Resources of the Outer Hebrides: Kyla  was employed as a researcher by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and the Hebridean Seaweed Company (HSC) who were commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise in March 2010 to assess the intertidal seaweed resources of the Outer Hebrides: the rockweed Ascophyllum nodosum

Assessment and approval of ballast water treatment system designed by the Resource Ballast Technologies (2008): Testing the efficiency of novel chemical and physical methods for the removal of potentially harmful aquatic organisms from ships ballast water. The rigorous risk-assessment and testing regime was conducted in accordance with standards stipulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC).Key researcher working for Anchor Environmental Consultants, commissioned by RBT, South Africa.

Saldanha Bay long term monitoring program: benthic macrofauna (2008 to 2009): Assessment of the health of Saldanha Bay marine environment, South Africa, by using a variety of physical and biological data, namely; benthic macrofauna, rocky inertial fauna, fish, birds, water quality and sediment quality. The project aimed to determine how contaminants within sediments and anthropogenic activities (e.g. harbour construction) were impacting marine fauna over decadal time scales, and made management recommendations to help improve the overall health of the Saldana Bay marine environment. Key researcher working for Anchor Environmental Consultants.


Predicting the ecosystems effects of harvesting beach-cast kelp for biofuel production (October 2009 to June 2013): PhD research to assess the multi-trophic impacts of harvesting seaweed from the beaches of the Outer Hebrides, including impacts to intertidal invertebrates, surf-zone invertebrates, fish and birds. Scottish Association for Marine Science, funded by BioMara (

Enrichment of heavy metals in the sediment and water of selected Eastern Cape estuaries, South Africa (January 2006 to December 2007): An two year MSc dissertation of metal contamination and enrichment within the sediment and water of nine Eastern Cape estuaries, and assessment of the accumulation of toxic metals in relation to reduced freshwater water inflow and urban development. Rhodes University, South Africa.