Dr. Kyla is a marine scientist and independent consultant, who's key interest is sustainable management of the seas . With more than 13 years experience , Kyla has a broad knowledge of the marine environment and is known for her multi-disciplinary skill set. She believes in applying a whole-ecosystem approach to management, and strives to integrate the needs of both the environment and man. Through her work, Kyla has provided knowledge and research on topics such as inshore fisheries, marine renewable energy, kelp ecosystems,beach ecology, marine pollution, climate change (blue carbon)and coastal zone management. She is actively involved in science communication, outreach and education, and is constantly exploring new and creative was to engage with the public. 

 "Scientists may depict the problems that will affect the environment based on available evidence, but their solution is not the responsibility of scientists but of society as a whole.

Mario Molina 1943